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Chill your wine as quickly as you pour with the RAVI White Wine Chiller!

RAVI White Wine Chiller

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Product Number: 851587p
The RAVI White Wine Chiller will cool an entire bottle of white or rosé wine instantly, efficiently and effectively!

No other wine chiller on the market can chill your favorite white or rosé wine as quickly as the RAVI can. The RAVI White Wine Chiller will lower your room temperature wine (72°F/22°C) to the perfect drinking temperature of 45°F/9°C INSTANTLY as you pour! With its unique and patented CHILL-CORE® design, the RAVI White Wine Chiller eliminates the need for pre-chilling completely.

The RAVI White Wine Chiller must be placed in the freezer for approximately 6 hours prior to use. Once you remove it from the freezer, simply snap the base and thermal cover together, insert it into the bottle, pour and enjoy. You will be amazed at how well it works, down to the end of the bottle or about 60 minutes, whichever comes first! The small ventilation hole allows the user to chill the wine even more. Clean-up is quick and easy under running tap water.

The RAVI White Wine Chiller does not require batteries, and can be used for many years of exceptional wine drinking! Packaged in a beautiful gift box, the RAVI is the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life. Fully FDA compliant. Made in Canada.
Materials: 40% Plastic, 20% ABS, 15% Inox, 25% Cellulose.

Assembled Dimensions: 7.75"L x 2.5"W x 2.5"H
Weight: 1 lb.
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