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The extra grip of the Elan makes for a perfect attack/defense combination.

Profile Elan Table Tennis Paddle

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The Profile Elan is one of the finest paddles from the most famous table tennis company in the world.
It comes as no surprise to learn that the one indoor game, which the athletic John Jaques III spearheaded, was an active one: Table Tennis. John Jaques had originally marketed the superb game played with rackets as Gossima, presumably because of the feather-light ball. Initially it attracted little attention, but JJ III saw its vast and delightful possibilities.

A table tennis blade from Jaques featuring natural Caoutchouc superfast I.T.T.F. (International Table Tennis Federation) rubber, and ultralight-weight Hinoki blade fitted with a palm-fitting contoured handle, the extra grip makes for a perfect attack/defense combination.

Power 25
Control 24
Spin 24
Size: 10" x 6" x 1/2"
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