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Presidential Collection Airplane Model

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This Collection features seven of the aircraft and helicopters used to support the President of the United States. The collection includes (from left to right): Marine One VH-34, Marine One VH3, VC-121 Columbine III, VC-25A, SAM 26000, Marine One VH60, and Marine One VH-71.

Each miniature model of the Presidential aircraft and helicopters is an authentic replica made from the finest grade of select kiln dried mahogany wood. The model is hand-carved; from the aircraft fuselage, to the sanding of the airplane’s contours. Every part is assembled precisely into place. Each model passes through various stages; from priming and sanding before it is hand-painted to duplicate the actual colors of the original historical aircraft. Every detail of the actual airplane is also copied -- from insignias to squadron badges, nose-art, emblems and serial numbers. Finally, multiple coats of clear lacquer are applied to protect the artwork and provide an overall glossy finish.

Mounted on a beautiful mahogany base all seven aircraft and helicopters are precisely hand finished to exact detail. Complete with the Presidential logo and brass plaques indicating the aircraft type. Now you can have the Presidential Collection right before your very eyes at a most reasonable price.

Dimensions: 36"L x 18"W x 18H
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