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Save $100s on these Brookstone Massage Chairs - available while supplies last!

Certified Pre-Owned OSIM uComfort Massage Chair

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Product Number: 634030p
Limited time only!
  • Powerful, full-body message that is precision-calibrated for our body
  • Choose from three full-body message programs and six targeted programs for areas that need particular attention
  • Four different types of deep, kneading back and neck massage to choose from
  • Covered in durable, easy-to-clean synthetic leather
  • Measures approximately 33" x 28" x 43"
Here's a great and limited-time opportunity for you to save hundreds on a world-class OSIM® uComfort™ Massage Chair.
Brookstone® has a small number of Certified Pre-Owned OSIM uComfort Massage Chairs available for resale. Each chair has been refurbished and inspected by our factory-authorized Brookstone® Massage Chair Team. Because these chairs may have some minor cosmetic blemishes (no rips or tears), they give customers the opportunity to enjoy the same luxurious massages as a brand new uComfort chair, but at a significant savings. Each Certified Pre-Owned OSIM® uComfort chair is protected by a limited warranty.

One-year service warranty with premium delivery and install: We make it easy to own a massage chair.
Our fast premium delivery (within 7 business days to most locations) includes installation, full-service setup, functional test and package removal. The 2-person delivery team does all the heavy lifting to any room in the house. Should anything need repair in the first year, our network of trained technicians come to your home to provide warranty service work for your massage chair. We make owning a massage chair as relaxing as using one.

The uComfort™ delivers powerful full-body massage that's precision-calibrated for your body—so you can experience real relaxation from head to toe.
At the beginning of each program, the chair's massage rollers glide along the length of your back to customize your massage. This precision calibration results in a more sensitive, effective massage that soothes just the right spots. Choose from 3 full-body programs and 6 targeted programs for areas that need particular attention, like your shoulders or back. Or, use the manual controls to create the perfect massage for your problem spot. Our uComfort™ massage chair offers 4 types of deep, kneading back and neck massage to choose from, plus airbag massage to relieve tension in your calves, ankles, seat and hips. The user-friendly remote control has been designed to be very easy to use, so you get the massage you want without any hassle. Plus, independently controlled power recline and footrest elevation allow you to get completely comfortable—with or without a massage. Chair comes in black only.

Brookstone® massage chairs relieve tension throughout your body for complete relaxation. Order your Certified Pre-owned massage chair today, and save!

Important Any individual who may be pregnant, has a pacemaker, suffers from diabetes, phlebitis, and/or thrombosis, or is at an increased risk of developing blood clots due to recent surgery, or who has pins/screws or anything mechanical in their legs, ankles, or feet should consult with a physician before using a massaging device designed for home use.
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