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Postursizer 5-in-1 Bar Posture Training Aid

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Product Number: 831443p
The Postursizer™ is a custom-weighted posture bar designed specially to improve postural distortions as a result of accidents & injuries, poor sleeping habits, excessive weight, weak muscles, arthritis, watching television, long hours in front of a computer, driving in cars with poorly designed seats, and more!

Good Posture gives you better health by allowing you to breathe easier, healthier for your internal organs, less arthritis/pain of the neck and back, your bones and joints in better alignment so your muscles are being used properly, which will help you feel less fatigued because your muscles are used more efficiently, allowing your body to use less energy; the The Postursizer™ is a 3 foot long weighted bar with a covered foam neck piece that is designed to do just that.

Included is a Fitness DVD that provides a 30 minute workout routine that will give you instruction on the different exercises that will help improve your posture and overall health.

Dimensions: 36" L x 4" W x 4" H; 9 lbs.
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