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Portico Fabric Coffee Table

Celebrate any room you decorate, and your personal sense of style.

Add attention and comfort to spice up your living room.

The Portico coffee table is clean and distinctive. The satin like fabric and glass give this coffee table a real retro look. Armen Living is the quintessential modern-day furniture designer and manufacturer. Armen Living not only delivers sensational products of exceptional quality, but also offers extraordinarily powerful reliability and capability only limited by the imagination. The groundbreaking new Armen Living line represents a refreshingly innovative creative collaboration with top designers in the home furnishings industry. The result is a uniquely modern collection gorgeously enhanced by sophisticated retro esthetics.

Armen Living celebrates bold individuality, vibrant youthfulness, sensual refinement, and expert craftsmanship at fiscally sensible price points. Each piece conveys pleasure and exudes self expression while resonating with the contemporary chic lifestyle.

Materials: Birch Wood.

Dimensions: 28" L x 51" W x 12" H; Weight: 100 lbs.
Portico Fabric Coffee Table
Portico Fabric Coffee Table

Portico Fabric Coffee Table


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