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Play the traditional game of Boule in your own backyard.

Polished Alloy Boule Set in Canvas Carry Case

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Canvas carry case set of Boule - a perfect outdoor game!
Originating in France, the game of Boule is very similar to Bowls except smaller metal balls are used (called boules or petanque) and they are generally thrown rather then rolled towards the jack (also called the butt).

Although not a Jaques game originally, Jaques did not invent boule (we cannot invent every game in the world!), boule has been sold by Jaques for over 50 years. Our early involvement in boule played a great part in making the game what it is today. Jaques were the first and sole agent for the French game when it landed on UK shores, so we at least introduced it to the UK!

Jaques of London are the oldest sports and games manufacturer in the world. We have been making indoor and outdoor games like this boule set for over 213 Years. This set is therefore of rather nice quality! This superb polished alloy set is finished by hand in the UK, and comes complete in a beautiful zipped canvas carry case, packed very carefully to protect the balls whilst they are in transportation. This makes a great beach or backyard game, and the fine quality polished alloy finish boule used in this set are designed to withstand even the most aggressive and competitive play.

Each boule measures 3" in diameter.
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