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Polara Golf Balls are the only cure for the common slice!

Polara XDS Self-Correcting Golf Ball - Set of 12

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Gain confidence hitting fairways and having fun!
The Polara XDS Self-Correcting Golf Ball is designed to correct hooks and slices up to 50% guaranteed. That means if your slice typically goes 60 feet to the right with a normal ball, this ball will only slice about 30 feet!

The XDS features 3-piece construction designed for higher spin into the green off of short irons, and was created for the golfer with a moderate slice or hook problem. Point the arrow at your target for best results! Each box contains 12 golf balls (1 dozen).

Product Features:
  • Recommended Driver Loft: Any Standard Loft
  • Ball Diameter: 1.682 inches
  • Ball Weight: 46.0 grams
  • Core Diameter: 1.480 inches
  • Boundry Layer Thickness: 0.050 inches
  • Cover Material Thickness: 0.051 inches
  • Cover Material Hardness: 60 Shore D
  • Number of Dimples: 336
  • Core Material: Soft Resilient Polybutadiene
  • Boundry Layer Material: DuPont HPF™
  • Cover Material: Ionomer

Dimensions: 7.5" L x 5.5" W x 1.5" H (Box).
Weight: 1.5 LBS.
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