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Polara Golf Balls are the only cure for the common slice!

Polara US Ultimate Straight Self-Correcting Golf Ball - Set of 12

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Product Number: 854212p
Gain confidence hitting fairways and having fun!
The Polara US Ultimate Straight Self-Correcting Golf Ball is designed to correct hooks and slices up to 75% guaranteed. This means that if you slice a regular golf ball 100 feet, the exact same swing with or antislice golf ball would only slice about 25 feet. Improve your golf game and be in the fairway instead of the rough!

The secret behind our self correcting antislice golf ball technology is all in the dimple pattern: Shallower dimples around the equator and deeper dimples on each pole. This 2-piece ball was created for the golfer with a severe slice or hook problem; it is highly recommended to use a high lofted driver or club for maximum distance. Point the arrow at your target for best results! Each box contains 12 golf balls (1 dozen).

Product Features:
  • Recommended Driver Loft: 10.5 degrees or Higher
  • Ball Diameter: 1.682 inches
  • Ball Weight: 46.0 grams
  • Core Diameter: 1.535 inches
  • Cover Material Thickness: 0.073 inches
  • Cover Material Hardness: 62 Shore D
  • Number of Dimples: 386
  • Core Material: Polybutadiene
  • Cover Material: Ionomer.

Dimensions: 7.5" L x 5.5" W x 1.5"H (Box).
Weight: 1.5 LBS.
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