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Pet Meds Pet Medication Kit

The all-inclusive kit for treating and preventing your pet's medical conditions.

The Pet Meds Kit conveniently includes three of your essentials: anti bacterial shampoo and first aid for hot spots and itches from Pet MD, and Frontline Plus for 0-22 lb dogs (3 month supply).

Merial Frontline Plus remains the #1 choice among veterinarians for fast-acting, long-lasting flea and tick control for your dog. Within 12 hours of application, Frontline Plus kills not only all your pet's resident fleas, but also breaks the flea life cycle, thus preventing future infestations. Frontline Plus is also proven to disrupt all life stages of the four major tick species, including those species which may carry Lyme disease. How does it work? When applied, fibronil - Frontline's active ingredient - is stored in oil glands beneath your pet's skin and is then distributed continuously to the hair and skin, providing total protection for 30 days. Plus it's waterproof! Now your dog remains protected during and after baths and rainstorms.

Pet MD's First Aid for Hot Spots is a soothing all-purpose cleansing and drying topical flush for hot spots (moist dermatitis), minor cuts and scrapes. Promotes healing and aids in the soothing of inflamed skin caused by painful skin irritations.

Pet MD Anti-Bacterial Shampoo is a soothing, sanitizing, anti-bacterial shampoo that aids in the treatment of dermatitis and seborrhea conditions.

Kit -10" L x 10" W x 7" H; Weight: 2.4 lbs.
Frontline Plus - 3 Dose Pack, lasting 3 months
Pet MD's First Aid for Hot Spots - 4 fl. oz.
Pet MD Anti-Bacterial Shampoo - 12 fl. oz.
Pet Meds Pet Medication Kit
Pet Meds Pet Medication Kit
Pet Meds Pet Medication Kit
Pet Meds Pet Medication Kit
Pet Meds Pet Medication Kit

Pet Meds Pet Medication Kit


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