Wooden Puzzle Gift Set - 3 Puzzles

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A clever gift to challenge the mind!
3 interlocking wooden puzzles set, stored in a fancy, high quality, handcrafted wooden box that comes with a matching lid. (Instructions / Solutions for the puzzles included inside).

Snake Cube: Difficulty Level [1-5]: 4
One of the most amazing brain teaser 3D cubes! Once the cube is unraveling, it looks like a snake where all its 27 pieces are ties with a flexible rubber band wire, and you'll discover how it's complicated and difficult to get back into the original shape.

Notched Stick: Difficulty Level [1-5]: 3
Containing 5 intricately cut different shaped pieces and 1 key piece; it provides challenge and expects improvisation from the puzzler. Getting it apart is only half the battle! Now, reassemble the six pieces of wood back into the original form.

Soma Cube: Difficulty Level [1-5]: 4
Invented in 1936 by Piet Hein (Danish mathematician). There are 240 different ways to build a solid cube. Arches, walls, plinths, towers, ships, etc. can also be created from the Soma Cube. The 7 non-identical pieces that go into the Soma Cube represent all the ways in which three or four cubes can be arranged other than in a straight line. Includes wooden box.

Approximate Total Dimensions (with craft box): 8.25" x 3" x 3.75"
Approximate Total Weight: 1.4 lb.
Approximate Dimensions for each of the three puzzles: 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5"
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