WonderGel™ Seat Cushion

WonderGel™ Seat Cushion

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Sit comfortably for hours with the power of 100% gel.
Say goodbye to uncomfortable rides or days at the office.
  • 100% copolymer gel for lower back support
  • Relieves lumbar discomfort and pressure points
  • Immediately conforms to your body contours
  • Washable stretch cover with non-skid back
Ingenious seat cushion transforms the way you sit.
The WonderGel™ Seat Cushion supports your lower back with our 100% copolymer gel support cushion. It's designed specifically to relieve lumbar discomfort while eliminating pressure spikes.

Feel the difference—instantly.
The secret is in our “column buckling” technology. As pressure increases, WonderGel™ columns buckle, distributing the weight to neighboring columns. This virtually eliminates uncomfortable pressure points. And unlike memory foam or other cushions, there’s no waiting for WonderGel™ to conform to your body.

Goes where you do for relief any time.
The compact design makes WonderGel™ the perfect travel companion or office mainstay. And the washable stretch cover has a non-skid back to keep the cushion in place, saving you from fumbling just to stay comfortable.

Get the relief you deserve, with the WonderGel Seat Cushion from Brookstone.
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