Vodka Zinger Natural Flavor Infuser

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Add zing to any party by infusing your favorite spirits.
Unique, refreshing cocktails–with a twist.
  • Infuse your favorite spirits with fresh fruit, berries, herbs and more
  • Combine fresh ingredients in the bottom, then twist to infuse
  • No pulp, no mess. Mesh screen lets only extracted flavors into your drink
  • Wide-mouth top makes it easy to top your drink off with ice
  • Cushioned, rubber base prevents slipping and sliding on your table or counter
  • Double wall stainless steel keeps drinks insulated
  • Easy to clean fin system
  • Made with BPA/EA free plastic
Be your own bartender with Vodka Zinger.
Make cocktails like those cool movie bartenders–right in your kitchen! With Vodka Zinger you can infuse your favorite spirits with citrus fruits, berries, and herbs for unique, fun concoctions. You can try cucumber, lemon, lime, blackberries, kiwi, strawberries, peach, mint, hot peppers, rosemary and more. Mix and match as much as you like!

Zinging is a snap.
Vodka Zinger is super-easy to use: all you have to do is twist, shake and enjoy. Just add your favorite ingredients to the bottom-mounted fin system, screw the bottom lid back on, fill with your favorite spirit, shake and let it soak. By screwing the bottom cup back on, you simultaneously grind the ingredients, releasing the flavorful essences. The fine-combed, mesh screen makes sure the pulp stays put and only the pure extracted flavors are released.

Infuse spirits your own way for zesty new cocktails with Vodka Zinger! Order yours from Brookstone today.

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