Shiatsu Bed Lounger

Shiatsu Bed Lounger

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Massages your lower back before bedtime or anytime
  • Targets the lumbar muscles in your lower back
  • 4 deep-kneading Shiatsu nodes help unlock muscle tension
  • Control panel lets you adjust forward or reverse massage motion
  • Firm, durable foam won’t slump or slouch over time
  • Luxurious tone-on-tone and brushed microsuede materials
  • Padded flap covers the massage feature while lounging
  • Padded flap rolls up while getting a massage
  • Side-pocket stores your bedside belongings: e-readers, crosswords, remote, etc.
  • Charges your device via the built-in USB port
How our Shiatsu Bed Lounger works
  • Place it on your bed
  • Press the power button on the armrest control panel
  • 4 Shiatsu nodes knead deep to help release muscle tension in your lower back
  • Press the forward or reverse buttons to adjust the direction of the massage motion
Note: *Remove all scarves, neckties, necklaces, and jewelry before using this massager. IMPORTANT: Any individual who may be pregnant, has a pacemaker, suffers from diabetes, phlebitis and/or thrombosis, is at an increased risk of developing blood clots, or who has pins/screws/artificial joints or other medical devices implanted in his/her body should consult with a physician before using a massaging device designed for home use.

“What’s Shiatsu massage?”
Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique that uses circular-motion, deep kneading pressure on targeted acupressure points to help release tension and ease sore, tight muscles. Our lounger massages you with four massaging nodes for a more complete lumbar massage experience.

Loaded with the lounger features we love (and can’t do without!).
Unlike other pillows with arms, our Shiatsu Bed Lounger massages your back. Enjoy a soothing lower back massage as you read or relax. Complete with finger-tip control panel on the armrest that lets you easily adjust the massage. Plus, the Shiatsu Bed Lounger is more than a massager, it also surrounds you in a lean-back-and-relax cushion. The armrests prop your arms for reading or typing on your tablet. Plus, our Shiatsu Bed Lounger stores your e-reader, tablet, TV remotes, and more in the handy side pocket.

You’ll never want to get out of bed again! With the Brookstone Shiatsu Bed Lounger, lounging never felt sooooo good.
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