Nature Bright Square One Wake-Up Light Therapy

Nature Bright Square One Wake-Up Light Therapy

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Projects natural bright light at a glance.

Square One is the world’s smallest and portable Wake-Up Light!

The Square One has the capability to wake you up feeling rested and energized in as little at 15 minutes. Use it first thing in the morning to wake up or to improve your alertness and energy as you go on about your day.

Square One is not just your average alarm clock. Not only does it have a pleasant bird call alarm, but it also uses increasing light output to simulate the sunrise, preparing your body to wake up restfully. 15 minutes before your desired wake up time, the LED light panel turns on and gradually increases in intensity until it reaches a full 10,000 LUX, signaling your body that it is time to rise.

Square One is designed with everyone in mind. For anyone who ever feels unrested after waking up, Square One is the solution. Its portability is ideal for travelers with jetlag, people who want to improve their sleep patterns, or even those who simply just want a sleek alarm clock that will pleasantly start their day off right.

Dimensions: 4.8"L x 4.7"W x 1.3"H; 2 lbs.

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