HomingPIN™ Luggage Loops

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by Brookstone
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Get lost property back—fast.
HomingPIN™ puts owner and finder of lost property together.
  • Unique code on each loop helps reunite you with your lost property without compromising any personal data
  • If you lose your luggage, the finder just has to enter the loop’s code online and you’ll instantly receive a text message letting you know where it is
  • Integrated with global airport baggage tracing systems, making it easier for airlines to get your and your lost luggage back together
  • Use the HomingPIN labels on phones, cameras, laptops, bikes and other valuables
  • Your HomingPIN purchase includes one free year of HomingPIN service—additional years require subscription ($8.00/year)
  • Includes 3 HomingPIN baggage loops, 1 key ring and one sheet of 12 labels
The future of luggage tags.
HomingPIN loops are easy-to-use luggage tags that let you rest easy while traveling—no more worrying about how to deal with lost luggage, and no more worrying about your personal information falling into the wrong hands if you do lose anything.

Each loop has a unique HomingPIN code (all labels on a sheet share a code) that you can register at Once you create your HomingPIN account and register your codes, all you have to do is attach your cellphone number to the account and you’re good to go! In the unfortunate event of lost property, as soon as someone finds it they can enter the loop’s code on and you’ll get a text message letting you know where your stuff is.

So how does HomingPIN work?
Once you receive a text message letting you know that your property has been found, you can contact the finder and arrange to get your luggage back (the finder is never given any of your information). HomingPIN provides two ways to retrieve your stuff:
1) If dealing with an airline, HomingPIN will inform the airline of where your baggage is, and the airline will contact you to arrange for transfer. No more waiting for them to find your bags, and no more wondering when you will get them back.
2) If your property is found elsewhere (not at the airport), HomingPIN is able to provide a method of getting it back from anywhere in the world at a reasonable cost (including international transfers).

Travel smart and give yourself some extra peace of mind—order your HomingPIN™ Luggage Loops from Brookstone today!
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