3 Piece Vintage Shaving Set for Fusion Spare Blades

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Pfeilring products are really something special.
GOLDDACHS produces quality precision tools for the perfect wet shave.

Badger Hair is similar to human hair in its remarkable ability to absorb water. It holds more water producing a richer shaving lather, easily preparing for a better shave. Daily use of a badger shaving brush massages the skin, while exfoliating any excess. Hairs are made free for closer and cleaner shaving.

With daily use, GOLDDACHS brushes mean clean, shiny hair and healthy scalp. This 3-pc. Chrome Shaving Set contains a double edge razor and an ivory color brush with silvertip badger hair. Made in Germany.

Materials: chrome, badger.

Dimensions: 4.73"L x 6.7"W x 3.15"H;
Weight: 1.11 lbs
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