100% Cotton Millet Hull Green Tea Lemon Aromatherapy Night Pillow with Zippered Casing and Certified Organic Filling

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Healthy Sleep. Better Life.
Lay back, relax, and enjoy the comfort that sleeping on the Millet Hull Green Tea and Lemon Aromatherapy Night Pillow can bring.

This gorgeous pillow is made using certified organic filling harvested in the US. Our millet hull pillows will have a life span of a minimum of 10 years. All of our Night Pillows are made with unbleached 100% cotton with double seams to counter the weight of the hull filling and to prevent wear-out. Millet hull pillows are temperate, which means they do not naturally take on heat or cold.

Green tea is known for its immune enhancing properties. Blended with dried lemon peel, this herbal mix promotes well-being, tranquility and a calm mind. It can help reduce anxiety and stress. So find a better way to sleep with the Millet Hull Green Tea and Lemon Aromatherapy Night Pillow from The Pillow Company. Materials: 100% cotton, 100% organic filling

  • Mini: 16"L x 12"W x 4"H 2lbs
  • Small: 21"L x 14"W x 4"H 3.5lbs
  • Standard: 23"L x 19"W x 5"H 6.5lbs
  • Queen: 26"L x 20"W x 5"H 8.5lbs
  • King: 33"L x 20"W x 5"H 13.5lbs
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