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PBY-5A Catalina Airplane Model

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The PBY-5 Catalina is one of the variants of PBY Catalina, an American and Canadian built flying boat in 1930s and 1940s. PBY is the abbreviation of Patrol Bomber Consolidated. The PBY-5 could be equipped with depth charges, bombs, torpedoes and .50 caliber machine guns. The PBY Catalina is one of the most used aircraft in World War II since it could play multiple roles. This aircraft was released in July 1943 with higher power engines, discontinuing use of propeller spinner and standardized waist gun blisters.

The PBY-5 Catalina was one of the most successful patrol flying boats of the US Navy. On December 20, 1939, The US Navy ordered 200 PBY-5 Catalina's. The PBY-5 could fly at a maximum speed of about 282 kph at an altitude of about 2,128 m or 7,000 feet. It had a service ceiling of about 4,469 m or 14,700 feet and the pilot could fly at a distance of about 4,097 km without refueling.

As the demand for Catalina aircraft increased, the Consolidated contracted various companies to build license versions of the PBY-5. Some of these companies were the Naval Aircraft Factory, Boeing Aircraft of Canada, Canadian Vickers Factory, Canadian Vickers Ltd and the OA-10A. The PBY-5 and all other earlier versions of PBY Catalina were true flying boats, which mean that it cannot land on any medium except water. The very main feature that makes the PBY-5 Catalina sleeker than many flying boats is the way the wingtip floats retracted to fair into the wing while in cruising flight.

Dimensions: 10.75"L x 16"W x 7"H
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