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Patron Tequila Bottle Salsa Dish

This handcrafted, eco-friendly Patron Tequila bowl is perfect for any celebration!

This bowl is made from a reclaimed Patron Tequila bottle, and is perfect to hold salsa or any dip you're serving up at your next get-together!
This handcrafted vessel also makes for a captivating vase for small succulents, or a container which you can use to organize work spaces.

  • Holds 13 fl. oz.
  • Glass is dishwasher safe. Hand washing is recommended
  • Handcrafted in the USA

*The Beauty of Imperfections: Reclaimed glass bottles may have slight impurities and variations to the glass or screen print.

DISCLAIMER: The repurposed products sold by BluMarble are neither endorsed nor sponsored by the manufacturers and/or distributors of the products in their original form. Our products are handcrafted by BluMarble. The materials used were obtained by reclaiming empty, discarded bottles and repurposing the glass bottles into new products. If at any time our product becomes defective, please refrain from continued use to prevent injury.

Materials: Glass (Reclaimed Patron Tequila Bottle).

Dimensions: 4.5" L x 4.5"W x 2.5"H.
Weight: 2 LBS.
Patron Tequila Bottle Salsa Dish
Patron Tequila Bottle Salsa Dish

Patron Tequila Bottle Salsa Dish


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