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P2V-7 Neptune Airplane Model

One of your favorite miniature planes!

The Lockheed P-2 Neptune is a naval patrol bomber and submarine warfare aircraft.

The first P-2 Neptune flew in 1945 and production began in 1946. In 1947, it was accepted into service. P-2 Neptune was one of the first aircraft which was accepted into service in 1947. Its early developments began in World War II.

The Neptune was used by the US Navy during the Vietnam War and was also utilized by the US Army's 1st Radio Research Company (Aviation) located at Cam Ranh Bay. In 1982, during the Falklands War, the last two airframes in service, the P-111 and 2-P-112, had played a key role of reconnaissance and aiding Dassault Super Etenards, particularly on the May 4 attack against HMS Sheffield.

P-2/P2Vs are currently employed in aerial firefighting roles by operators such as Aero Union and Neptune Aviation Services. The Neptune was successful in export, being in service with several armed forces.

The last Neptune variant produced by Lockheed was the P2V-7 (P-2H). Its upgrades include upgraded powerplant, jet pods standard, improved wingtip tanks, APS-20 search radar, early fitted with nose and tail turrets, but replaced with observation nose and MAD tail, dorsal turret also fitted early and replaced with observation bubble with 311 built.

Dimensions: 16"L x 17"W x 7"H
P2V 7 Neptune Airplane Model
P2V 7 Neptune Airplane Model

P2V-7 Neptune Airplane Model


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