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P-40E Warhawk Airplane Model

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The P-40E Warhawk is the identical version of the P-40D. The only difference is the six wing-mounted machine guns. The P-40 aircraft series were America’s leading fighters as World War II began. The P-40 E was engaged in the battle against Japanese aircraft during the attack on Pearl Harbor and the incursion of the Philippines on December 1941. The Flying Tigers group used the P-40E as it fulfilled its missions in China in 1942. On the other hand, the Army Air Forces used the P-40E in North Africa in 1943.

As for the P-40E Warhawk, the general characteristics are as follows: Its primary function was being a fighter. Its span is 37 feet 4 inches, length is 31 feet 9 inches, height is 12 feet 4 inches and weight is 9,100 pounds loaded. For the service ceiling, it is 30,000 feet. Its maximum speed is 362 mph, cruising speed is 235 mph, and range is 850 miles. The P-40E armament had six 50-cal machine guns and 700 pounds of bombs externally.

The P-40E Warhawk was used in copious combat areas specifically, Aleutian Islands, Italy, Middle East, Far East, Southwest Pacific and Russia. Despite being outclassed by its competitors on speed, the P-40E gained its reputation in battles for its great ruggedness. At the end of the P-40s series career, 2,320 P-40E were produced.

Dimensions: 9.5"L x 12"W x 5"H
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