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Refill Optimizing Mist

Product refill for use with your NuFace® Facial Toning Device

A refill supply of the optimal toner to use on your skin in conjunction with the NuFace® Facial Toning Device (sold separately, item # 622688).
The optimizing mist firms and hydrates the skin with 5% hyaluronic acid and 40% aloe vera. Use as anti-aging toner after cleansing, a refreshing mist for any time of day, and an optimizing spray after the NuFace® treatment. You can also spray over the Derma Gel (sold separately, item # 624015) to keep the gel moist during your NuFace® treatment.
Refill Optimizing Mist
Refill Optimizing Mist

Refill Optimizing Mist


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