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Make it easy to have the ambiance of a fireplace… anywhere!

OASIS Indoor/Outdoor Table Top GEL Fuel Fireplace

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Bring the atmosphere to you!
Indoors or outdoors, on a table, floor or ground, around a pool, patio or in a living room you can place the beautiful and stylishly designed OASIS Indoor/ Outdoor Table Top GEL Fuel Fireplace. It will add ambiance and create a focal point in any space. Simply place a Gel fuel canister or pourable gel fuel in the center cup, then light it with a long lighter or match stick. Voila—a personal fireplace. Using the proper gel fuel designed for fireplaces, it is safe to use indoors or out.

This table top fireplace comes with white decorative river stones, but you can choose to decorate it with colorful fire glass, sea shells, or anything else—just be sure the items are not flammable and can be used safely around an open flame. ALWAYS READ ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING.

Dimensions: 14" Diameter x 7" High; 13.5 lbs.
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