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Natures Elements Area Rug

Create a refreshing nature-inspired oasis with simple beauty.

Nature’s Elements offers a rustic, mellow esthetic that breathes new life into any room-setting. Featuring an innovative blend of natural fibers, including jute, cotton, straw and grass, these durable flatwoven area rugs are hand-loomed, adding even more unique appeal. Lightweight and versatile, these casual area rugs can be used in a multitude of spaces as a subtle accent to other artisan-crafted elements of décor.

Each design showcases a well-balanced combination of soft, soothing colors resulting in various striped patterns. Nature’s Elements Collection provides endless options for interior decorators in search of affordable, eco-friendly floor fashions.
Natures Elements Area Rug
Natures Elements Area Rug

Natures Elements Area Rug


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