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Reusable sheets are ideal for screens and eyeglasses.

Cleaning Cloths

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Wipeout! These microfiber cloths gently lift dust and oil without scratching your computer screen or eyeglasses. Soft, anti-scratch sheets leave delicate glass surfaces perfectly clear. No water or chemicals needed! Just a quick swipe with these anti-static cloths is all it takes. Plus they’re reusable—simply rinse and dry for dozens of applications. You’ll want to keep a few handy whenever you carry your electronic device or eyeglasses.

Also great for cameras, mobile phones and laptops.
• Gentle microfiber cloths are anti-scratch, anti-static
• Clean lenses quickly, without water or chemicals
• Reusable—just rinse and dry
• Pack of 3 microfiber sheets

Don’t risk ruining your valuable devices or eyeglasses. Carry a few of these Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, available now from Brookstone.
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