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MD-80 American Airplane Model

One of your favorite miniature planes!

The MD-80 is a commercial jet airplane manufactured by McDonnell Douglas/Boeing and was derived from the DC-9.

The MD-80 series was the second generation of the DC-9 and was originally called the DC-9-80 series and the DC-9 Super 80, entering service in 1980. The MD-80 has cockpit, avionics and aerodynamic upgrades along with the more powerful, efficient and quieter JT8D-200 series engines. It also has a longer fuselage than its earlier counterparts, as well as longer range. As of 2007, some customers such as American Airlines and Alitalia still refer to the planes in fleet documentation as Super 80 or SP80.

The MD-80 is the backbone of American Airlines fleet and they have flown more than 270 MD-80 series aircraft and were the world's largest operator of the type. The first American MD-80 was delivered on May 12, 1983. The MD-80's introduction allowed American to rapidly expand its route system and fleet. In 1984, American Airlines operated a fleet of 244 MD-80 and by 1997, it had grown to 649 aircraft and 250 were MD-80s.

Dimensions: 17.5"L x 6"W x 3.96"H
MD 80 American Airplane Model
MD 80 American Airplane Model

MD-80 American Airplane Model


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