Get a leg up on fatigued feet with a foot massager from Brookstone. With a foot and leg massager, you can calm your calves, hush your heels, silence your soles, and treat your toes to the ultimate in foot massage.


Foot Massager Comparison Chart

Shop TheraSqueeze Pro Foot, Calf and Thigh Massager
Yay! A foot and leg massager that extends all the way to your thighs.
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Shop TheraSqueeze Foot and Calf Massager
Bring your tired calves and feet back to life!
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Shop Shiatsu Full Foot Massager with Heat
Ankles need love, too! Our famous Shiatsu foot massager with even more coverage.
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Shop Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat
Bring tired feet back to life!
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Shop More Foot Massagers
The secret of a good foot massage is that it helps make your whole body feel good all day long!
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Put sore feet to rest and soothe your body from head to toe with a Brookstone foot massager. A foot massager from us is so good, it'll have you feeling like your feet have left the floor as it rejuvenates your tired trotters and fills your whole body with a sense of calm.