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Massage Chairs

ReAct Shiatsu Massage Chair

Our most versatile massage chair, ReAct features a full-body "L" channel that massages from your back to your thighs along one continuous track. Plus, it's lightweight, easy to move, and fits in any room.
Renew Zero-Gravity Massage Chair by Brookstone

Packed with luxury features, like optical body scanning, Dynamic Squeeze air massage, zero-gravity recline, and lumbar heat, Renew delivers the most massage chair for your money.
Brookstone Signature Massage Chair Created in Partnership with Inada

Octet technology uses two sets of 4 rollers (8 total) that move up & down as well as in & out to massage your upper and lower back simultaneously for the best massage you've ever felt.
A one-size-fits- all massage rarely fits anyone. Chairs with optical body scanning and pressure point scanning automatically detect your body's shape and size then custom tailor a massage to perfectly fit you.
Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, and vibration massage help work out knots and penetrate deep into muscles, while air-cell massage gently squeezes and releases shoulders, arms, legs, and/or thighs to relax muscles and help promote better circulation. Higher end chairs generally feature more massage options.
Originally developed by NASA to reduce stress on astronauts' bodies during liftoff, the zero gravity position elevates your arms and legs while rotating and reclining your body to take gravitational pressure off your spinal column and spread it more evenly throughout your skeletal system.
By changing up the massage choreography, the same chair can relax or invigorate you, help treat overused muscles, or even increase your flexibility. Choose a chair with multiple auto programs to get greater versatility.
For those times when you just want to focus on one sore area or one stubborn knot, you are going to want manual control of all massage functions. Look for chairs with full- function remotes that let you personally direct your massage when your not in the mood for one of the auto programs.
A little warmth goes a long way in helping relax and unlock tired muscles. Most commonly positioned in the lumbar section of massage chairs, heat should be easy to turn on/off or adjust at any time.
White Glove Delivery

For 20 years, Brookstone has sold the world's most extraordinary massage chairs. Our expertise is at your service.

  • Fast premium delivery & install within 5 business days to most locations
  • 2-person delivery team does all the heavy lifting to any room in the house
  • Full-service set up includes product assembly, functional test & removal of packaging materials from your house
  • In-home service by trained technicians, providing warranty, Protection Plus, or additional service work to your massage chair
Special Financing Options Make Our Chairs Easier to Own

  • Low- and no-interest financing is available on many of our premium massage chairs.
  • Flexible terms make it easy to find financing that fits your budget.
  • Our team of Massage Chair Financing Specialists is standing by to help you get the chair you want.

  • Call 1-800-846-3000 to Speak with a Financing Specialist.
Feeling Is Believing: Try Our Massage Chairs in Person at a Store Near You

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a hands-on experience is worth a million. See, feel, and experience the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of our massage chairs in person by visiting your local Brookstone store. Our expert Store Associates will walk you through the features of our chairs and get you set up with perfect massage. After you're done enjoying your massage, we'll be there to answer any questions and help make your dream of owning a massage chair a reality right on the spot.
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