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Out with the old, in with a new long-lasting manicure and pedicure at home.

Lomasi Remover

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Product Number: 836112p
Salon-quality remover for salon-quality nails at home!
  • Gently softens the long-lasting gel, making it easier to remove
  • Helps return nails to their natural look
  • Use to remove the old color, so you can get a whole new look!
  • Comes in a 4 oz. bottle
Removes your previous salon-quality manicures and pedicures.
The best part of getting manicures and pedicures at home is getting them whenever (and as often!) as you like. No appointment or added expense required! An essential part to getting a new mani/pedi is removing the old one. Replenish your supply of Lomasi Remover (included in your Lomasi Manicure Pedicure Gel Kit, sold separately), by ordering this Lomasi Remover bottle. The remover gently softens the previous mani/pedi gel, making it easier to remove. Once your nails are back to their natural state, you can apply a new, salon-quality manicure and pedicure at home. Put on a fresh application of your favorite look or opt for a whole new color!

Stay stocked in essential remover. Order the Lomasi Cleanser from Brookstone today!

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