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Fresh extraordinary herbs within arm’s reach of your grill.

Living Gifts Grilling Herb Box

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This striking wooden container will produce plentiful herbs on your patio. Thyme, rosemary, sage, basil, oregano and parsley are all easily accessible for fresh seasoning, grill side. The Grilling Herb Box arrives with all you need to grow fresh, extraordinary herbs. These herbs will add flavor to your savory dishes or cocktails that will leave a lasting impression at a party or get together.

Note: herbs arrive fully grown.

Featured Herbs:
  • Basil Purple Ruffles: This is a great tasting basil with striking ornamental qualities. Use as you would use any sweet basil variety, noting that Purple Ruffles has a hint of cinnamon. Harvest by cutting down to the last set of leaves. The plant will flush again within a few days. It is rich in anti-oxidants and even the flower is edible. Purple Ruffles, or Ocimum basilicum, adds great basil flavor for cooking and flavorful garnish for cocktails.
  • English Thyme: Fresh English thyme is a staple for every grilling herb collection. This broad leaf variety, Thymus vulgarus, is the most popular. This savory thyme is perfect for seasoning grilled chicken, seafood, vegetables and more. Just cut it down to the last set of leaves and add to your favorite dishes.
  • Spanish Mint: This is a delicious mint for cocktails or tea. It’s a fast growing mint, perfect for frequent use. Spanish mint is tasty in soups, salads and more. Cut back often to make sure the plant stays contained. Mentha spicata has bright green leaves and pale blue flowers.
  • Rosemary: Rosemary is a must for any herb garden. Rosmarinus officinalis has thick stems that can even be used as skewers for kabobs – a branch with leaves adds extra flavor! These delightful bluish green leaves pair well with chicken, shrimp, vegetables and lamb.
  • Curly Parsley: A classic seasoning, used frequently in many types of cuisine, and also makes a great grilling companion. The curly green foliage is a perfect pallet cleanser at the end of a meal. This exotic take on common parsley will quickly flush new growth when cut back to its base.
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