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Life-Style Extended Portion Control Kit - 1 Place Setting

The most complete way to control your weight, glucose, metabolism and blood pressure.

LIFE-style Extended Portion Control Kit

There’s no two ways about it; you’ve got to eat well if you want to feel great. That used to mean suffering through a pretty boring diet, but these days there’s more to portion control than meets the eye; and there’s a lot more that meets your palate, too.

Introducing LIFE-style Extended portion control dinnerware; the best way to manage your weight, glucose, metabolism and blood pressure; while you continue to enjoy the foods you already love.

Your LIFE-style Extended Portion Control kit includes everything you need to achieve the results you want. There’s never been an easier way to stay on track for success; all Precise Portions dinnerware follows the most up-to-date guidelines from the USDA MyPlate Initiative, as well as the American Dietetic Association and the American Diabetics Association.

Crafted from beautiful Porcelain China and with portion control markings artfully disguised within an attractive design, this is dinnerware you can be proud of ; you certainly won’t be rushing to hide it when company drops by. In fact, they can even use it themselves and won’t ever be the wiser!

Durable, beautiful and convenient, LIFE-style Enhance is 100% dishwasher and microwave safe.

LIFE-style Evolve includes every tool you need to develop or maintain a complete nutritional strategy; one that’ll get you the results you want; and to continue succeeding.

Your LIFE-style portion control plate is easy to use & beautiful: Choose the foods you enjoy most, place them on the appropriate section of the plate and keep it inside the lines; that’s it. Proper portion control that’s delicious, simple, effective, & guest friendly.

That being said, have you ever tried eating soup from a plate? We haven’t, but it’s probably pretty challenging. Your 18oz portion control bowl ought to come in really handy for soups, cereals, salads and more. With ½ Cup, 1 Cup and 1½ Cup measurements artfully integrated into a leaf-motif design, you’ll be effectively managing your portions with barely a thought.

Of Course, it wouldn’t be very convenient to drink juice out of a bowl, either, so you’ll definitely want to make use of your 10oz LIFE-style portion control drinking glass. With 4 and 8oz measurements clearly and discreetly marked, you’ll never have to worry about those liquid calories piling up on you again.

Do you like dessert? We like dessert too, and we asked our team of dieticians help us figure out how we could all continue to enjoy it. Now you don’t have to resist the temptation, because as long as you keep your sweet treats within the lines on your 6”; LIFE-style portion control dessert plate, it’s all part of your action plan.

Years ago, people thought snacking wasn’t a very good practice, but these days nutritionists say that you should be eating smaller portions of food, more often throughout the day. Hello, snacks! Now you’ll be able to eat healthy, even between mealtimes, with your 8oz LIFE-style snacking bowl, clearly delineated into 2, 4 and 6oz measurements.

With LIFE-style Evolve, it’s easy to eat healthy at home; and on the road. If you’re on the go, it can be tough to find healthy options (heck, any options at all) amid all the burger stands and fry shacks.
But your LIFE-style covered portion control to-go plate, complete with easy-sealing lid, allows you the freedom to choose: choose what you feel like eating, and how much of it you would like. With 3 divided sections calculated for ideal portion control, it’s never been easier to eat healthy away from home. Your covered to-go plate is constructed from sturdy, microwave-safe plastic for your safety and convenience.

With so many easy and effective options, managing your weight and blood sugar is a snap. Your whole family will want to get involved, even kids, because they appreciate the discretion of their new portion control dinnerware, and love the results it helps them achieve. Now you can send them to school without worrying about what they’re eating; and the same is true of you and the office.

Get everyone excited about proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle with the LIFE-style Enhance Quartet!

Your LIFE-style Enhance portion control dinnerware kit also comes complete with 7 helpful nutritional planning worksheets. On one side, you’ll see simple, visual guidelines to help you lay out your meal for optimum results. On the other is a daily menu planning aid to help you keep track of your daily intake.

For your convenience, these guides double as placemats, putting important nutritional information right where you need it most: in front of you at mealtime. Don’t worry; although the placemats are technically disposable, they’re printed on high-quality paper stock, and a few accidental spills won’t pose a problem.

These worksheets are a powerful tool for your doctor or nutritionist, because they help provide valuable insight into your eating habits. The clearer a picture they have, the more targeted the advice you’ll receive. You should monitor your portions daily for best results; you can order a replacement pack of worksheets here.

Nutritionists, dieticians and results agree: the best way to manage your weight, blood sugar, metabolism and blood pressure is to eat healthy, because you’ll have more energy, feel better and improve your overall health.

The easiest way to do this is through portion control; to keep eating the foods you enjoy in proper proportion. Quickly see the results you’re looking for; a healthier lifestyle with LIFE-style Enhance!

Set includes: 10" LIFE-style plate, 18-oz cereal/soup portion control bowl, 10-oz portion control beverage glass, 8-oz snack bowl, 6" dessert/ bread plate, and covered to-go lunch plate. Free accessories include: 16-page Quick Start Healthy eating Guide, 7 double-sided Meal and Menu planning Placemats, 4-oz ladle

  • LIFE-style Plate: 10.00" L x 10.00" W x .875" H
  • Cereal/Soup Bowl: 18oz / 9.25" L x 9.25" W x .875" H
  • Beverage Glass:10oz / 2.50" L x 2.50" W x 6.20" H
  • Dessert/Bread Plate: 6.25" L x 6.25" W x .625" H
  • Snacking Bowl: 8oz / 5.13" L x 5.13" W x 1.50" H
  • 3 - Section Covered To-Go Plate: 9.00" L x 9.00" W x .875" H
  • Nutrition guide: 8.50" L x 5.125" W x .035" H
  • 4 Oz Ladle: 13.00" L x 3.00" W x 1.75" H
  • Placemats: Each / 18.25" L x 12.00" W x .035" H
  • Life Style Extended Portion Control Kit   1 Place Setting
    Life Style Extended Portion Control Kit   1 Place Setting
    Life Style Extended Portion Control Kit   1 Place Setting
    Life Style Extended Portion Control Kit   1 Place Setting
    Life Style Extended Portion Control Kit   1 Place Setting
    Life Style Extended Portion Control Kit   1 Place Setting
    Life Style Extended Portion Control Kit   1 Place Setting
    Life Style Extended Portion Control Kit   1 Place Setting
    Life Style Extended Portion Control Kit   1 Place Setting

    Life-Style Extended Portion Control Kit - 1 Place Setting


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