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Attaches to your desk or table and holds your device above your desk at eye-level.

Levo Clamp-on Book Holder

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Product Number: 791555p
Holds your books, textbooks, magazines, and copy hands-free in an infinite number of positions.

With a Levo Clamp-on Book Holder, your book or copy will swing, tilt, yaw, and roll with a simple push. And, since your book is elevated, you'll have more desk space, and you'll be more organized. Ergonomically speaking, you'll sit with much better posture for reduced strain on your body. Your book can elevate directly above your note pad or laptop so you don't need to constantly turn your neck while switching from one to the other.

The Levo Clamp-on Book Holder features include:
  • Patented design holds your books in an infinite number of positions
  • Frees desk or counter space
  • Specially engineered page holders keep book wide open
  • Folds out of way with light pressure
  • Turning pages is quick and easy
  • Improves posture
  • Reduces pain in neck
  • Holds cookbooks wide open and above countertops
  • Maximum clamping thickness is 2 inches
  • Do not clamp to glass tables

Dimensions:14" L x 8" W x 20"H, Reach: 22 inches from pole to middle of book platform
Weight: 8 lbs.
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