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LC-DW Super Solution Airplane Model

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The Laird Super Solution was a racing biplane designed and built for the Cleveland Speed Foundation by E. M. “Mattie” Laird. It had a large radial engine and an extremely faired windshield, and was similar in appearance to the Gee Bee. The Super Solution was an advanced design for the time because of the relatively clean aerodynamic construction and tight engine cowling.

Work on the LC-DW Super Solution began on July 8, 1931. The aircraft was test flown on August 22 by Mattie Laird at Fishborn Field in Chicago, near the Laird Factory. The Super Solution was fitted with complete instrumentation for cross country and blind flying. It featured a new fresh air system that consisted of two vents placed at the leading edge of the top wing, well outside the range of engine exhaust, which channeled fresh air into the cockpit.

Laird provided two different engines for the Super Solution. For the cross-country Bendix Race, where steady power at high altitudes would be the key, the airplane would use a direct-drive engine. For the closed-course Thompson Race, a 3:2 geared-drive engine would give the best flat-out power. Jimmy Doolittle and the Super Solution won the Bendix Race with an elapsed time of 9 hours, 10 minutes, and 21 seconds. During the Thompson Race, however, the engine encountered problems and Doolittle had to land the Super Solution after the seventh lap to avoid a complete engine failure.

Dimensions: 10.25"L x 7"W x 3.85"H
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