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Take the worry out of watering!

Lazy Gardener Self-Watering Garden Irrigation System

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The Lazy Gardener™ is the only "set it and forget it" self watering and root management product on the market - great for plants grown in any soils, indoors or out.

Easy to use and saves time, water, and energy. It also grows healthier and more productive plants! Its patent pending SELFWTR™ process uses sub surface micro irrigation providing water vapor, NOT liquid water to deliver moisture and warmth to plant roots. Roots get the water they need, stay consistently moist and warm, develop more efficient and healthier and stay disease free.

The Lazy Gardener™ SELFWTR™ process can save up to 90% in water usage, produces up to 5 times more flowers or vegetables and allows even tropical plants to grow and thrive in temperatures as low as 40°F! The Lazy Gardener™ technology is based on fundamental plant and soil science - to continually provide the three basic necessities for survival to roots: water, warmth, and air. With these three fundamentals, your plant will thrive!

Gardeners overwater and underwater all the time, drowning roots or drying them out. They can also leave plants in 80 degree weather in the daytime and 60 or lower at night - this stresses the plant, and creates a constant challenge for the plant to survive. Take away the stress, and the plant thrives, not just survives!

The Lazy Gardener™ for Containers is the ideal way to grow plants on patios, decks, porches, and indoors, with little work or worries. The low wattage (7 or 9 watts) keeps the soil warm, day and night, while continually managing the moisture to the roots. Leaving for an extended trip? Just fill a larger bottle for your Lazy Gardener™ and let it do the work for you while you are away. Stop watering the soil and not the plant. Stop overwatering or under watering. Stop worrying about going away on vacation. Let the Lazy Gardener™ do all the work, worry and watering for you!

  • Regular - 22.00" L x 15.00" W x 0.50" H; Weight: 0.38 lbs.
  • Large - 22.00" L x 18.00" W x 0.50" H; Weight: 0.50 lbs.
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