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L-188 Electra Eastern Airplane Model

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The L-188 Electra was an airliner built and manufactured by Lockheed.

The L-188's was designed by Lockheed in 1954 and its maiden flight was on December 6, 1957. It is a low-wing monoplane with retractable tricycle landing gear, powered by four Allison 501D turboprops. Many airlines in the US flew the L-188. The primary users and operators of the L-188 were American Airlines, Eastern Airlines, Braniff and KLM. The L-188 flew in commercial service until the mid-1970s. A total of 144 L-188s were built, with 57 destroyed in accidents.

The L-188 had a crew of six with a seating capacity of 99 to 127 passengers. It had a cruising speed of 362 knots.

Dimensions: 17.5"L x 7"W x 4.4"H
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