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An ideal, handsome, kind, funny and educated companion.

Karotz Smart Rabbit Robotic Companion

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Product Number: 785181p
What is Karotz? The world's first intelligent internet companion!
Karotz Your Smart Rabbit makes the Internet talk, so you can receive all information you want: weather, news, sports, gossip, horoscope, TV guide… Karotz alerts you when you have new emails. Karotz keeps an eye on your home and sends you an email when your child is back home. Karotz reads and wakes you up with your favorite music (radio and MP3 files). Karotz helps you update your statuses on facebook and twitter accounts! Take control of your Karotz from your smartphone or tablet (Apple® and Android applications available): send a message, take pictures, play radio or MP3 files. New applications released every day! Karotz is a companion for your social network. Karotz requires a computer (PC or Mac), Internet connection (Wi-Fi) that is installed and active.

The Karotz Your Smart Rabbit features include:
I inform you! Karotz informs you if your friends have posted new information on your social networks: messages, comments, pictures, notifications, requests...
I update your status! Karotz records the messages you say outloud and posts them as audio files or texts onto your social networks. Karotz takes pictures and posts them onto your social networks.
I can give your friends access to me! Give your friends access to control your Karotz so they can communicate with you. They can send you messages that your Karotz will read outloud. They can send you MP3 files that your karotz will play. Make your Karotz move its ears in a special way and make your Karotz light flash in the color they chose…
I speak 4 languages! English, Spanish, French, and German.
I Speak! Karotz talks and delivers to you the information you have selected: text messages, weather, news, sports and gossip. Also plays your favorite web-radio stations and MP3 files.
I Listen! Karotz recognizes the voice command you assign to him and runs the matching applications. Karotz records your audio messages and posts them onto your social networks.
I Watch! Karotz has a webcam to take pictures that can be sent by e-mail, smartphones, tablets, or posted onto your social networks.
I Sense! Swipe a Flatnanoz or Nanoztag in front of your Karotz’s nose, to run the application it contains.

The Karotz Your Smart Rabbit pack includes:
1 smart rabbit, Adjustable Webcam, RFID reader (nose), Microphone, Wi-Fi antenna, Integrated Speaker, Volume control, 1 USB, 1.1 port, 1 mini-USB port, 2 ears, 1 power unit, 4 adapter plugs, and 2 Flatnanoz.

Dimensions: 9.65"L x 5"W x 5"H

Weight: 1.38 lbs.
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