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JN-4 Jenny Airplane Model

One of your favorite miniature planes!

The JN-4 "Jenny" is a biplane trainer aircraft built and manufactured by Curtiss Aeroplane Company and was designed by Glen Curtiss.

North America's most famous World War I aircraft is the Curtiss JN-4, since it was used to train beginner pilots. The JN-4's Canadian version was the JN-4 Can, also known as "Canuck". It was built with a control stick instead of the Deperdussin control wheel used in the regular JN-4 model, and has a more rounded rudder outline than the American version. The US version was called "Jenny" and has a twin seat dual control. The tractor prop and maneuverability of the Jenny made it ideal for initial pilot training. Most JN-4s built were unarmed, though some had machine guns and bomb racks for advanced training.

After World War I, a hundred JN-4s were sold in the civilian market, including the ones sold to Charles Lindbergh as his first aircraft. The low speed of the JN-4 made it ideal for stunt flying and aerobatic displays. In the 1930s, some JN-4s were still operational. The primary users of the JN-4 were the United States Army Air Service and the Royal Flying Corps.

Dimensions: 10.75"L x 15"W x 6"H
JN 4 Jenny Airplane Model
JN 4 Jenny Airplane Model

JN-4 Jenny Airplane Model


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