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Far Infrared Heated Sauna Belt. Therasage with Far Infrared heat technology!

Infrared Heated Sauna Belt

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Far Infrared Heated Sauna Belt
Therasage, as the leader in Far Infrared heat technology, has harnessed its applied science, in its latest application, the Sauna Belt. Traditional pads use an electric heating coil and emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation. Such products only heat your skin, while our unique belt has enhanced therapeutic benefits, penetrates 200--300 times deeper into your body with no exposure to electromagnetic radiation. It has been proven that Far Infrared frequency resonates at the same level as water.

When the all natural Far Infrared frequency is applied to our bodies, the water molecules become energized. Far infrared heat also improves blood flow. Safety features include an on/off LCD timer with auto shut off.

Features and Benefits:

  • Natural pain relief
  • Even distribution and delivery system of beneficial Far Infrared heat and Negative Ions
  • Insignificant electromagnetic radiation
  • Safe, long-lasting, deep penetrating therapeutic heat
  • Additional accessory for use in cars and boats is available
  • Soft and flexible format
  • LCD multi-function time and temperature controller, including sleep mode
  • Extra long 12 foot power cord
  • All natural deep penetrating heat
  • Antibacterial materials
  • Affordable price
  • One size fits all

    One year factory warranty
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