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Charge 4 devices at the same time using only one power outlet!

IDAPT i4+ Universal Charging Station with Lightning Tip

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The i4+ Charges 4 devices simultaneously and now with Lightning Tip for iPhone® 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 devices.

Three devices are charged via the tip ports and one from USB Port using the guest USB Cable.

The 5 Tips Included: Lightning (for iPhone® 5 and newer Apple products) iPod®-iPhone® 30 pin ( for iPhone® 4s and older), Two microUSB ( for all Android, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola Google, etc) and a miniUSB (GoPro cameras, GPS & older smartphone) . This offers you compatibility with 2,500 different devices in one box. About 100% compatibility with the most common devices in world.

The new i4+ has even more power output from all connections to accommodate the ever growing size and power use of our next generation of devices. Also we have an upgraded “Turbo” & “Smart” USB Port that allow charging Samsung Galaxy tablets as well as an iPad® at the fastest rate. It’s a 2.1 + amp USB port on the side of the charger and a full 1 amp per Tips connection on the top of the charger.

IDAPT designs and produces an award winning range of universal charging solutions that allow users to charge up to 4 devices at the same time using just one power outlet. Thanks to our internationally patented interchangeable tip technology, our solutions are compatible with almost 5000 different portable devices. 27 different Tips (and growing) means this charger will never be obsolete. As a result, IDAPT is truly the last charger a person will ever need. In the current market of charging solution technology, IDAPT stands alone among the competition due to its interchangeable rocking tips that protects the user’s device and offers the substantial “horsepower” to charge multiple power hungry iPhones, iPads, or Androids without a loss of amperage.

  • AC Input: 85-240 VAC – 0.2A; 50/60 Hz worldwide compatible 4 independent chargers with self-regulating power supply DC Output: Up to 13 W Cord length: 1,6 m. with self-regulating power supply DC Output: Up to 13 W Cord length: 1,6 m
  • Power Supply: 85-240 VAC – 0.2A; 50/60 Hz worldwide compatible.
  • Output: 25 Watts
  • USB: 2.1-2.4 amps
Materials: Polycarbonate & ABS Plastics.

Plug & Play. Pick your Tip and connector your device.

Take your IDAPT everywhere you travel with our worldwide voltage compatibility. IDAPT is not another low value, mass produced commoditized product. It’s something different.

Dimensions: 169 x 135 x 32 mm
Weight: 300 grams
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