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5 Simple Ways to Take Your Home Bar from Idea to Reality

You’ve pictured it at least a hundred different ways: in the corner of your den, along that unused kitchen wall, tucked cozily into your basement, or right in front of your big flat-screen TV. No matter where your imagination puts it, one thing is certain… you want your home bar to be perfect.

But where do you start? Before you grab your hardhat and safety goggles, consider these 5 tips to help achieve home bar perfection.

1. Bypass the Built-ins
Most great home bar ideas never make it out of the planning stage. That’s because the construction, expense, and build time are enough to keep even hardcore do-it-yourselfers on the sidelines.

Instead of a permanent built-in bar, consider using a freestanding bar or liquor cabinet. These heavy-duty pieces of furniture offer a finished, professional look without requiring any construction. All you need are a couple willing friends to help you move your new bar into place. It’s that simple, and you can start serving drinks right away.

Plus, when you decide you’d like to add a sideboard cabinet or wine fridge down the road, or maybe just take the whole bar to a different room, freestanding bars make that easy too. Not so much with a built-in.

2. Hide Your Bar in Plain Sight
If you’ve been holding off on starting your home bar project because your space is too small for a traditional bar or because the room you are planning to use has to serve double duty and can’t always be a bar, consider a hide-a-bar. These ingenious convertible liquor cabinets open up for easy entertaining then fold down to keep a low profile when they’re not the center of attention.

When open, hide-a-bar liquor cabinets provide access to the spirits, glassware, and accessories you need to serve up your signature cocktails all night—great news for your inner bartender. And because all your barware stays in the hide-a-bar when closed and not crammed into your kitchen cabinets, your inner chef will be just as excited.

3. Lock up Your Libations
Kids and liquor don’t mix. Yet your house contains both. How do you keep them apart, protecting both your booze supply and your squeaky-clean legal standing? Simple: include a locking liquor cabinet in your home bar plans.

We know what you’re thinking. The last thing you want is to tarnish the look of your perfect bar with an unsightly lock that gets in the way when it’s time to serve your guests.

Our locking liquor cabinets are built to look great. Small keyholes are subtly crafted into the doors making them virtually unnoticeable at first glance. They unlock in seconds and make you look like the responsible home bartender you are—something your grateful guests can toast again and again.

4. Deck the Walls
The perfect home bar is much more than just a place to serve up drinks. It’s a place to relax and hang out with friends—a place that’s you from floor to ceiling. That means you’re going to have to accessorize.

For starters, you can light up the walls with neon signs. Go with classic car or beer logos, billiard or dart motifs, even a good old-fashioned “OPEN” sign. You’ll add instant color and character with the flip of a switch.

Looking to build the perfect sports bar in your basement? Accessorize with logo barstools and memorabilia from your favorite team or line the walls with autographed photos and collectables. And when it’s game time, go for the ultimate in cool and have your flat-screen appear on command from a TV lift cabinet. If things start to get rowdy after the game, just push a button, and your TV slides back into the cabinet, safe and out of the way.

5. Elevate Your Point of View
If your taste is more Manhattan than mancave, you can still achieve the downtown bar feel you’re after by simply raising the bar—well, bar table that is. Bar-height tables are great for small areas where people can stand at them and set down their drinks. They’re also ideal for larger home bar spaces where barstools and bar chairs can be used.

Choose elegant metal barstools or minimalist modern barstools that are as chic as they are comfortable. Match the style and finish of your chairs to your bar table for a clean sophisticated look or combine a variety of complementary styles for a whimsical, eclectic feel. Either way, the best seat in your house and the tallest seat in your house are sure to be one and the same.

Build it Better with Brookstone
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