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Catch every drop of mud, slush and grime that drips off of your vehicle.

Heavy Duty Clean Park Garage Floor Mat

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Product Number: 787018p
The Park Smart® Clean Park® keeps your garage floor clean, eliminating the problem of tracking mud and grime into your home.

The Clean Park® also keeps your garage and home safe by keeping all of your walk areas dry. The heavy duty vinyl is 2.5 times thicker than our standard garage mats (20 mil) and is the thickest contain mat available, measuring 50 mils thick. The heavy duty vinyl, in conjunction with the raised plastic edges, holds gallons of liquid from spreading onto the garage floor. The specially engineered Snap-On edges are extremely durable, as well as fast and easy to install, without tools. All sizes of the Park Smart® Clean Park® come complete with 24" long Snap-On side pieces and 18" long Snap-On end pieces. Our Garage Mat is so durable that we offer a one-year limited warranty.


7.5'x14' - 168.00" L x 90.00" W x 1.00" H; Weight - 44.00 lbs.
7.5'x16' - 192.00" L x 90.00" W x 1.00" H; Weight - 50.00 lbs.
7.5'x18' - 216.00" L x 90.00" W x 1.00" H; Weight - 56.00 lbs.
7.5'x20' - 240.00" L x 90.00" W x 1.00" H; Weight - 62.00 lbs.
7.5'x22' - 264.00" L x 90.00" W x 1.00" H; Weight - 66.00 lbs
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