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Great Minds Gordion's Knot & Aristotle Combo

Great Minds stand the test of time -- and so do these classic puzzles!

The Great Minds range brings together our favorite puzzles of all time, and links each with one of the greatest minds of all time!
Each character has been thoughtfully placed with a relevant puzzle, and the products are finished in an antique style to give them an aged and attractive look. Every box has information and a brief history of the 'Great Mind' himself, and how the man and puzzle are linked together! The Gordian Knot, paired with Alexander the Great, is an intractable puzzle that can only be solved by "thinking outside the knot"! This challenge is no easy feat, and is guaranteed to manipulate your mind. The Number Puzzle, paired with Aristotle, is a numerical nightmare puzzle that has been taken to a numbing new level! Can you make every row add up to 38? Beware, you will need a Great Mind to complete it! Materials: Wood, Metal, Nylon.

Dimensions: 8"L x 8"W x 8"H (Box); Weight: 0.5 lbs.
Great Minds Gordion s Knot   Aristotle Combo
Great Minds Gordion s Knot   Aristotle Combo

Great Minds Gordion's Knot & Aristotle Combo


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