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Gourmet BBQ Sauce Gift Set

All-natural BBQ sauces that showcase the traditional, regional flavors of our country.

Gourmet, all-natural barbeque sauces celebrate the mouth-watering regional flavors of the American grill. Enjoy a finger-licking gourmet barbeque--and savor the extraordinary tastes of U.S. grilling. Premium, fat-free sauces contain only the best all-natural ingredients. Wooden gift crate holds four 18-oz. jars, one each of sweet Heartland, spicy Deep South, smoky Southwest and tangy High Country barbeque sauces.

Set Includes 4 Flavors:
  • Heartland: Relive the sweet, zesty flavors of the Midwest in the early 1900s, when long days in the fields and orchards of young America produced the most extraordinary recipes. This is a truly authentic Midwestern sauce--rich, full flavored and delicious.
  • Deep South: Inspired by the backwater bayous of old Louisiana, this hot and spicy sauce smokes and sizzles with sultry Cajun flavors. Packed with savory vegetables and the sweet, pungent bite of dark molasses, it's ideal for shellfish, poultry, pork, and even beef--and it adds a whole new depth of flavor to gumbo or jambalaya.
  • Southwest: Savor the smoky, open-fire flavors of cattle drives on the open range--sunny days, starry nights and boldly seasoned meals around the campfire. Perfect for grilling beef, pork, wild game and fowl, it also adds a unique kick to tacos and other south-of-the-border recipes. Soon to be named one of the four best BBQ sauces in the country!
  • High Country: Experience the lively taste of a true Carolina mustard BBQ sauce, the legacy of the resourceful German immigrants who settled upriver in the Carolina hills. They brought with them a passion for hard work and family farming--and for rich, tangy, mustard-based sauces. Fabulous with all kinds of pork and other meats.
  • Gourmet BBQ Sauce Gift Set
    Gourmet BBQ Sauce Gift Set

    Gourmet BBQ Sauce Gift Set


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