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Ultrasonic warm and cool mist in one device.

Pureguardian™ Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Quietly humidifies room air with your choice of warm or cool mist.

  • Ultrasonic technology converts stored water into mist
  • Choose warm or cold mist, with adjustable intensity
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Built-in timer with settings up to 12 hours
  • Silver Clean™ technology fights tank mold
  • Save money: no wicks to replace!
  • Includes extension wands to elevate mist and increase dispersion throughout room
  • Max. Output: .11 Gal/ Hr for a runtime of 12 Hrs.
  • 7.08"l x 11.37"w x 16.33"h; weighs 6.25 lbs.

The Pureguardian™ Humidifier makes it easy to eliminate the discomfort of dry air.
This set-and-forget humidifier ultrasonically breaks apart water molecules in virtual silence, releasing a fine mist that is warm or cool depending on your preference. With simple controls and an hourly timer, you can adjust mist levels and set run times as long as 12 hours, freeing you to enjoy your perfect indoor air environment.

Silver Clean™ technology reduces mold and maintenance.
Conventional humidifiers can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, re-circulating these irritants into the air. But the Pureguardian™ Humidifier harnesses the natural power of microscopic silver ion particles, resisting mold growth on the surface of its 1.32-gallon tank. Result: simplified cleaning and maintenance, without costly replacement wicks. So you truly can breathe easy.

Enjoy more comfortable room air today, with a Pureguardian™ Humidifier from Brookstone.