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Gears get your brain cranking on all cylinders!

Gearhead Puzzle Pack

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Product Number: 859910p
The new 2013 Gearhead pack includes: Gear Shift, Gear Ball and Gear Cube!
Meffert’s puzzles provide hours of gear-grinding challenges. The Gear Shift has 8 interlocking gears that can be disconnected from the core to move independently. Spin the gears and reconnect them to find the arrangement that creates a cube with six sides of color! This puzzle is deceptively difficult, all while the simple rotation of the eight meshing gears serves as a mesmerizing display. Once you discover that the core can be pulled apart, the difficulty skyrockets! What was once an inevitability now truly becomes a challenge of logic. The Gear Ball is 360 degrees of fascinating twists and turns! Spin the 12 gears in any direction to line up the colors and create six sides. Master this puzzle by getting a square of solid color on each side! The smooth-spinning action allows you to quickly move through the various combinations. The Gear Cube is a modern spin on a classic cube conundrum. The 12 gears change the color assortment with every spin; the full gear mechanism requires 90 degree turns to complete one rotation. Gear puzzles will have your gears churning! Ages 7 and up. Materials: Plastic.

Dimensions: 8"L x 8"W x 8" H (Box); Weight: 1.5 lbs.
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