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Gato Submarine Model

One of your favorite miniature ships!

The USS Gato submarine was first launched on 21 August 1941, commissioned on 31 December 1941 and decommissioned on 16 March 1946. It was the first submarine that was produced on a mass scale between 1941 and 1945.

In New York and Baltimore, the submarine was placed in service as a Naval Reserve Training vessel. And on March 1, 1960, it was placed out of service from the Navy. From its service in the Second World War, it received battle stars and a Presidential Unit Citation.

It has the finest American design and has the standard type of U.S. submarine from the Second World War. It was based on the Tambor submarine. Modifications and improvements were done on the Gato to increase its combat abilities. Batteries and its engines were improved to increase its patrol time.

Dimensions: 19.5"L x 10.5"W x 9.9"H
Gato Submarine Model
Gato Submarine Model

Gato Submarine Model


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