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G4M3 Betty Airplane Model

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The Mitsubishi G4M called “Betty” was nicknamed by the Allies. It is also known as “Hamaki”, which means “cigar” in Japanese. When the Betty entered the service in World War II it was see all throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The Mitsubishi G3M bomber, on the other hand, was given the Allied code “NELL.”

The G4M3 had several variants. The G4M3 Model 34 is a redesigned version of the G4M2, it has an additional self-sealing fuel tank and improved armor protection. Its wings and tail plane were also redesigned. It is armed with two Type 92 7.7 mm machine guns located in its nose cabin, and a Type 99 model 1 20 mm cannon position in its dorsal turret and tail. Its maximum capacity was changed to 1,000 kilogram of bombs or one 800 kilogram torpedo.

The other G4M3 variants are the G4M3a Model 34A and the G4M3 Model 36. The G4M3a Model 34A variant is a transport and antisubmarine version with a modified armament -- this aircraft though was only experimental. The G4M3 Model 36 is a prototype. It has two G4M2 Model 34 modified to Mitsubishi MK4-T Kasei 25b Ru 1,825 horsepower engines.

The G4M3 Model 34 ended the trend of constantly changing the engine types and armaments in every variant when it introduced self-sealing fuel tanks and armor protection to help reduce its shortcomings when faced with predecessors.

Dimensions: 16.5"L x 7"W x 3.96"H
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