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Stays clear in steamy showers!

Brookstone® Fogless Shower Mirror

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Product Number: 841268p
Fog clears—and stays gone—even in the steamiest, hottest shower.
  • Polished stainless steel mirror is shatter-proof, shower-safe
  • Reservoir cup holds hot shower water for defogging
  • Unlike coated glass mirrors, the active anti-fog properties will never wear off
  • Attaches to any flat, smooth surface
  • Independent side and chin LED lights
  • 5-minute auto shut-off feature
  • Uses 4 AA batteries, not included
  • Includes razor holder and squeegee
Fogless Shower Mirror lets you see what you’re shaving.
Mirror fogging often leads to nicks and missed spots while shaving. Fortunately our Fogless Shower Mirror sticks just where you need it–shower walls, tile or glass doors. Fill the reservoir cup with warm water from the shower, then replace the cup on the mirror. In seconds, the mirror will clear and remain fog-free.

Shave closer, smoother, more comfortably.
As you begin shaving, simply turn on the handy LED lights for either face or chin. There’s a convenient razor holder when you need your hands free, plus a squeegee for clearing water droplets. So it’s easy to get the close, comfortable shave you want. Afterward the reservoir slowly drains to stay clean and dry between uses.

How the mirror works:
  • 1) Simply fill the cup on the top of the mirror with warm water. Replace the cup on the mirror.
  • 2) Within seconds, the slow release of this water to the back of the mirror causes the mirror to clear and remain fog-free for the rest of the shower.
  • 3) Water slowly drains out the bottom of the reservoir, keeping the reservoir clean and dry between uses.
Get a great shave every time, with a Fogless Shower Mirror from Brookstone.

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