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Charge your phone with fire!

FlameStower Mobile Device Charger

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Powered down? Charge up with fire.
  • Charges phones and tablets with fire and water
  • Place one end into flame, plug your device into the other
  • Pour in water to generate electricity for your device
  • Great for camping, outages, any time you need power
  • Lightweight and portable
The hottest new way to charge your cell phone.
Batteries die. The sun goes down. But if you’ve got fire and a little bit of water, then you’ve got power. Meet FlameStower—it captures heat from your campfires, grills, stoves, or anywhere else you place the metal heat catcher, and converts it to usable electricity for your USB charging devices.

Charges your phone in seconds.
No matter what USB device needs power—smartphone, camera, GPS, emergency flashlight—FlameStower has 2.5 Watts of power available to you within a couple of minutes. That’s enough to charge your smartphone as if plugged into your computer.

Mobile charging, always ready when you need it.
FlameStower works anytime—morning, noon, or night. And it’s not just for camping. It’s the practical solution for storms and power outages. It is a necessary addition to any modern survival kit to keep you and your family in touch.

Charge your phone with fire! Order FlameStower from Brookstone, today.
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